Manage your budget with multi accounts

Make it easy for your teams to spend budgets on target with full control and visibility

Monit - Kelola anggaran dengan multi account dan wallet

Multi accounts

Create multiple accounts for various needs, such as expenses, payroll, petty cash, refunds, merchant payments, etc

Transparent policy

You can control account management, such as daily or monthly budget, allowed categories, upload receipts or invoices, and so on


Integrate with other business software, so no need to double data entry

Membangun akuntabilitas tanpa harus mengorbankan kecepatan

Build accountability without dropping speed

We believe accountability can be built without dropping speed. You are able to automate administrative processes without losing control and visibility

Easily set spending policies

Support your team's optimal potential by making it easier for them to spend their budgets on target while ensuring everything is in line with company spending policies

Atur kebijakan pengeluaran dengan mudah

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