Data security

Starts from onboarding, making cards and payments, we ensure the security of every step you take on our platform

Keamanan data merupakan prioritas kami

How Monit protects you

Fraud detection

Our fraud detection system will monitor and send signals if there are transactions that have the potential to be fraudulent

Account security

We make sure all the steps you take on our platform are safe. Starting from authentication, authorization, to using OTP and PIN when making transactions

Data privacy

We will not use any personal identification data from companies or individuals for product development. Everything is stored in a place that only authorized employees can access

Certified partner

We ensure that all collaborating partners have PCI DSS certificates for data security

Account security

Secure browsing


Our web and mobile applications use industry-standard encryption to ensure protected data transmission (HTTPS): AES-256 bit or better for RDS and S3 data encryption for data and TLS 1.2 or better for transit.

No activity

Monit will detect every time there is no account activity for a certain period; it will be automatically logged out

Security policy

Monit ensures content security and iFrame protection to reduce the threat of attacks such as ClickJacking


Login mechanism

Monit enforces vital password requirements and supports mobile biometric authentication (Face ID/Touch ID)

Activity confirmation

We will send a confirmation every time activities occurred, related to authentication or authorization changes; for example, if you log into your account with a different device, we will make sure that it is you