Business Banking Simplified

Monit combines payments, expenses, cash, and corporate cards into one integrated experience.


Your internet banking isn't designed for your workflow

  • Too many manual works
  • No corporate cards built-in
  • Doesn't play well with other softwares

Meet the platform designed for you to stay focus on what's really matter

Monit helps you manage and automate everything between your business account and accounting software in real-time.

monit product
bill payment

Bill Payment

  • Forward your invoices to us via email. We will scan your invoices and create a payable automatically, no more data entry
  • Choose your payment method and time to pay
  • Auto-sync for every payables paid with your accounting software

Expense Management

  • Your employee send the receipt to us via email or whatsapp. We'll scan and create a payable automatically
  • Reward your employee by pay back in one click with next-day reimbursements
  • Auto-sync for every payables paid with your accounting software

Issue virtual corporate cards

Stop using your personal cards for company spending. No need to wait months to get corporate cards


Virtual Cards

Issue virtual debit card for online purchases, such as software, server, or ads with full control based on your spend rules

Full Control

Set individual spend limits, set team budget limit, select allowed merchants or categories or allowed days to use

Get started today!

Grow faster by combining account payable automation, expense management, and cards in one place

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  • Telp: 021-25555654

Monit is a financial platform, not a bank. Banking services provided and corporate cards issued by Monit's bank partners.